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  • Credit Card Merchant Services
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    Our company offers the following excellent services:
    Medical Billing (Rejected claims less than 2% and get paid within 14 days)
    EHR and PM Systems (ICD-9 and ICD-10, all paperless) (Rating no. 1)
    Medical Coding (ICD-9 and ICD-10)
    Medical Compliancy Guard (Obamacare looks very closely on the compliance)
    Medical Insures Credentialing
    Medical Audit Guard
    The below services are for all business including doctor practices:
    Quick Debt Collections
    Payment Options, Credit Cards Merchant Services?
    Automatic SendOut Cards
    Documents Secure Storage on Web-based
    Reputation/Review Management and Commercial Marketing Video on Your Web (Survey - increase 10% revenue)
    All of services are chosen by our licensing company carefully. They make sure that our clients are getting great services. For general speaking, our systems and services can increase your revenue by 30%, decrease the rejected claims to less than 2% and get paid within 14 days.

    We are the local licensee; we have the whole team working for you. If you or any of your friends need the above services, please contact me directly. I always offer the best service to you.

    Our Practice Analysis and System Demo are FREE, no charge at all.