Flippin Pizza Roswell

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920 Marietta Hwy
Suite 340
Roswell, Ga 30075
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    New York Style Pizza

    Ever wondered why NY pizza tastes so much better? It’s the water. (Yes, really.) That’s why we use a special filter to make sure we get the right PH balance with minerals, like calcium and magnesium, just like NY water. But we won’t bore you with the sciency stuff because the proof is in the pudding. Well, the dough, actually. You know what we mean.

    t Flippin’ Pizza NY Pies & Slices, we believe great pizza is more than a box at the door, it’s about bringing people together one legendary slice of pizza at a time. We’re proud to be a slice of the communities we serve. Why? We love people and we love pizza--New York-style pizza to be exact. Not deep dish, not super artisanal, just your honest, old school, “I’m-from-Brooklyn-and-you’re-not” pizza. Much like our Brooklyn roots, we dig authenticity and are all about realness, from our special New York-style filtered water (which makes for the best dough around) to a healthy dose of that New York attitude. Whether it’s a quick meal for one, a feast for the family, or a fundraiser for the community, we are here to serve up a big slice of happiness. Every time.