WeatherCall, LLC

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    Have you ever heard that a dangerous storm was headed your way? Did you take protective action for your business, staff and customers but then nothing happened? Weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service are precise, but most methods used to inform people are broad. This leads to over-warning and complacency. Even if people think they are in danger, they waste valuable time looking for confirmation.

    WeatherCall monitors your EXACT address and calls you, sends you a text or email when a tornado or severe thunderstorm is headed for you. Our comprehensive solution eliminates false-alarm warnings, so you know for sure that you need to implement your well-designed safety plan. Best of all, WeatherCall provides an ''all-clear'' when the threat is over.

    Additionally, WeatherCall monitors lightning within 6 miles of any location showing the location of recent strikes and informing users via phone, text or email when either 15 or 30 minutes have passed since the last strike.

    This nationwide service is an ideal way for businesses to reduce their liability and is in use by manufacturers, health care and senior care providers as well as outdoor recreation facilities. Affordable options are available for both business and personal use.

    WeatherCall also makes for a great fundraiser. Groups and organizations sell the service via a branded portal, keeping 50% of the revenue in the first year and 10% each succeeding year subscribers renew..